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    • Recovering Function
      Tiered NDT Curriculum
      Develop NDT skills at your own pace
    • Recovering Function
      RPSFTM Framework
      A Step-by-Step Problem Solving Framework
      for client interventions
    • Recovering Function
      Webinars and Mentoring Program
      Continue to build your NDT skills online
      Get help for your current client interventions
    Recovering Function
    Tiered NDT Curriculum
    Develop NDT skills at your own pace

    Recovering Function’s tiered Neuro-Developmental Treatment (NDT) curriculum allows you to develop skills at your own pace by progressively alternating each tier’s course work with the application of learned skills on the job.

    Recovering Function
    RPSFTM Framework
    A Step by Step Problem-Solving Framework
    for Client Interventions

    Built upon the core principles of NDT the RPSF™ is a step by step framework of problem-solving strategies and manual cues for assessing potential and individualizing functional outcomes when implementing interventions for adult clients with hemiplegia.

    Recovering Function
    Webinars and Mentoring Program
    Continue to build your NDT skills online
    Get help for your current client interventions

    Tiered Curriculum webinars and mentoring sessions allow therapists and assistants to continue building skills between courses as well as request help with clients they are currently treating at work.

  • Courses
    • Recovering Function
      Tiered NDT Curriculum
      Develop NDT skills at your own pace
      Implementing Interventions
    • Tier-A
      Advanced Training
      Clinical Reasoning and Manual Cues
    • Tier-I
      NDT Core Principles
    Recovering Function
    Tiered NDT Curriculum
    Develop NDT skills at your own pace

    Advanced Training
    Clinical Reasoning
    and Manual Cues

    NDT Core Principles
    Recovering Function
    for Adults with Hemiplegia
    Using the Principles of NDT
  • Webinars & Mentoring
    • Recovering Function
      Tiered Curriculum Webinars
      and Mentoring Program
      Build your NDT skills online
      Get help with your current client interventions
    • Tiered Curriculum Webinars
      Live, in-depth, online sessions
      to help you build your skills
    • Tiered Curriculum Mentoring ProgramTM
      Live, online sessions to help you with clients
      you are currently treating
    Recovering Function
    Tiered Curriculum Webinars
    and Mentoring Program
    Build your NDT skills online
    Get help with your current
    client interventions

    Tiered Curriculum
    Live, in-depth, online sessions
    to help you build your skills

    Tiered Curriculum
    Mentoring ProgramTM
    Live, online sessions
    to help you with clients
    you are currently treating
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    Download the complete course brochure
    or only a copy of the registration form
    (the course brochure includes a copy of the registration form)
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Structured curriculum allows you to develop NDT skills at your own pace
Frameworks to guide you step by step
when examining, assessing, and treating your adult clients with hemiplegia
Online mentoring sessions to help you continue your evolution between courses
  • Achieving Functional Outcomes
  • Controlling the trunk posture
  • Functional outcomes for Stella
  • Facilitating the involved LE
  • Controlling the pre-lift off posture
  • Facilitating the pre-lift off posture
  • Controlling the 1/2 standing posture
  • Facilitating muscle activity
  • After one hour
  • Use of your hands
  • Facilitating a safe transfer
  • Moving to the touch down posture
  • Edna two person max assist
  • NDT is cost effective
  • ROM for lateral lumbar flexion
  • Facilitating the lateral lumbar flexors
  • Facilitate ROM for lumbar extension
  • Assessing Edna's lumbar extension
  • Facilitate ROM for scapular adduction
  • Increase adduction of Joe's scapula
  • ROM for scapular depression
  • Lengthen Edna's scapular elevators
  • Active weight bearing of the UE
  • Facilitate muscle activity
  • Edna actively weight bearing
  • Stepping up and lateral
  • Taking the first step in gait
  • Biomechanics of the trunk
  • Moving from supine to sitting
  • Stella moving from supine to sitting
  • Using the foot as part of the BOS
  • Increasing ROM of the ribcage
  • Increasing ROM for Edna's ribcage
  • Inhibit excessive muscle activity
  • Using body with arm
  • The Extended Trunk Posture
  • Practicing with your instructor
  • Applying what you have learned
  • Movement within functional activities
  • Increasing ROM for lumbar flexion
  • Facilitating shoulder joint flexion
  • Weight bearing with shoulder flexion
  • Handouts to reinforce your learning
  • Simultaneous labs
What therapists are saying about courses offered by Recovering Function ...
"Why didn't I learn this information sooner!!! I feel that with this information and clinical instruction, I already can be a more effective therapist."
"I feel rejuvenated as a therapist. I am so excited to go back and put my knowledge to use. I wish I would have attended this course earlier in my career and would have been able to provide my patients more quality treatment."
"All four days I kept thinking - why didn't I take this course before? I could have helped so many of my clients who were not happy to be discharged from my care, but I had to because I had seen them long enough and I couldn't do any more for them."
"I would highly recommend this course to any OT, PT, or SLP. Thank you for your time and sparking my interest to incorporate the technique. I am so grateful that I had the opportunity to take this course."
"This was a great course and I am glad I did it at the beginning of my career."
"The course was very informative. I enjoyed the hands-on labs since I am a visual/tactile learner."
"Loved the course. Can't wait for Parts III and IV."
"Thank you for all the documentation ideas to justify our skills to the insurers, especially Medicare. I enjoyed and learned a lot. Thank you."
"I appreciate the years of experience in different settings shared with us as therapists so that we can return to our positions making a bigger impact on the quality of our patients' lives."
"I will go back and revisit some patients for whom I had 'plateaued'. Now I have ideas on how to facilitate increased movement and how to decrease pain. I will now focus more on normal movement vs. compensation and adaptive equipment."
"Thank you for your patience and time to teach and motivate us to become better therapists in our scope of practice."
"I appreciate the sample documentation in the slides, describing the patient's function in the activity and the potential for future activities."
"I loved your enthusiasm. Thank you for working so hard to bring scientific research to therapy."
"I really enjoyed this course. I hope to be able to go home and practice these techniques in preparation for Parts III and IV. Thank you for all the hands-on practice."
"It gave me a good foundation for treatment of stroke patients. I now have the tools for analyzing what the patient's problems are, and how I can assist with these problems. Now I have the knowledge to make my treatment plan more effective."
"I can incorporate this information to help my patients work more in midline, possibly get them independent in dressing, bathing. I can also help them get more awareness of the affected side."
"I really appreciated the hands-on and hand-over-hand demonstrations."
"This course not only reinforced learning by allowing immediate hands-on techniques after the lecture, but was also a lot of fun!"
"I feel like I have direction and meaning to take back and incorporate into treatment."
"I have truly enjoyed this course. I have learned significantly how to facilitate essential movements of the trunk to maximize function in a patient. Thank you."
"Now that I can begin to break down and analyze movement, not from individual muscles but from motor control, I can apply the knowledge with all of my CVA treatments."
"Awesome job. You rock. One day I hope to be as smart as you. It was a pleasure!!"
"Thank you Cathy. You were engaging, lively and easily understandable. A great course!"
"Excellent course. Cathy is an amazing instructor. Her speed of giving the information was perfect. The amount of information in the packet allowing for more active listening and less writing was great"
"Thank you for providing a course that is appropriate for a variety of skill levels and one that can be immediately utilized at the completion of the course. And the complete handouts are excellent! Best ever!"
"Loved that the traditional 'segmentation (UEvsLE)' of the person for OTvs.PT was 'dispelled'. Wish all of my colleagues took this course."
"I appreciate Cathy Runyan's passion for NDT. You can feel her dedication to wanting functional outcomes for the client. She also wants to equip therapists with the knowledge and skills."
"Great course! Loved it! Learned TONS!!! Thank you!"
"Thank you for a wonderful four days and providing so many new tools for my OT toolbox!"
"Thank you, Thank you! Your passion is contagious. Love it. "
"Thanks a million! I feel empowered as an OT."
"Loved the course and thought the pacing of the course was conducive to learning."
"Thanks for an awesome course -- nice to go to a course at this late stage in my career and feel a new energy. I love my patients and love when I know I can help them in a meaningful way."
"You are a wonderful instructor. I can't wait for the next parts in the future!"
"Before this course, I was feeling completely unmotivated at work and started to question why I became an OT. It really helped me to hear your story about burnout in combination with the NDT information because it made me realize why i felt this way, why this information matters, and how I can change that! I was not very interested in stroke rehab because I never knew what to do, and none of the techniques I learned in school really worked. I'm excited to go back to work and try these techniques with my CVA patients. Thank you so much."
"Thanks so much. I can't wait to get my hands on my patients"
"Good integration of written handout and ensuring everyone is able to follow along."
"I really liked the video analysis portion and use of examples to help better demonstrate and improve understanding/application of course content and the use of case studies/client scenarios."
"Excellent course. Interesting and applicable content. Animated and educated instructor."
"Thank you for a great course. The opportunity to work with you hands-on was very helpful"
"Good pacing with education, packet, and hands-on allowing for optimal learning for various learning styles. I enjoyed the explanation of the complex concepts, especially when integrating LE movement while attaining trunk stability."
"I really enjoyed the gait analysis videos and found them helpful for movement analysis with discussion on impairments and treatment ideas."
"I thoroughly enjoyed this course. One of the most memorable ones I have taken and most applicable to truly improving my treatments for patient success."
"Thank you for increasing my insights, understanding the importance of effective movement strategies which will help me to help my clients with their missing components and to increase their independence. Discovering their potentials!"
"Cathy - I really enjoyed this class! NDT makes so much more sense and seems like the most thoughtful way to practice. I really appreciate how good of a story teller you are - you have a way of really making the info come alive! I'm really motivated to continue through other sections! Thank you!"
"Great course. Thank you for including real life examples."
"Thank you. Cathy's delivery is outstanding. She is dynamic and bright and maintains the interest of the group. It is clear how passionate she is about the topics."
"Thank you. You are a good story teller and a good teacher. it is obvious you are passionate about your product."
"Loved the information. Will be so helpful with so many of my patients. Thank you so much!"
"Cathy was very easy to follow and her passion and excitement about therapy and Rehab made me excited to learn."
"The course instructor was extremely effective in relaying course materials, incorporating Medicare requirements. Reinforced skilled documentation needed."
"Thank you so much! Excited to use and share with my SLP team. Feel much safer with pt. mobility and my knowledge of improving their independence for my functional outcomes as a Speech Language Pathologist"
"Cathy, you are a phenomenal speaker and extremely knowledgeable! It has been a true pleasure taking parts I and II with you. I have already practiced some of what I have learned on family members and am eager to return to work and 'show off'. Your course has made me appreciate our profession even more and make me more of a skilled therapist. I cannot thank you enough."
"I really appreciate the pictures, video , sample documentation and the hands-on practice because it helped reinforce materials presented. I would highly recommend this course to all of my peers. I'll be back for Part III."
"Course is presented in a manner that makes it easier to understand. I like the laboratory/hands-on. Gives more practice time and more knowledge on the topic."
"Great course! Especially love having an illustrated handout to refer to later."
"Cathy was wonderful, engaging, and an excellent teacher and presenter. I was motivated to listen to every word she said because she speaks with such great passion. This intro course really sparked by interest in always wanting to know how, why, what. It makes me want to take all of the courses! Thank you for a great experience!"
"Loved every single part of the course. I'm leaving the course feeling like I've gained so much beneficial information to help me improve my problem solving!"
"Should be a required course for all OT's"
"Thank you so much! I learned so much I feel like I will be a much more effective therapist!"
"The hands-on time or laboratory time is so great. Makes it easier to understand techniques and provides feedback for us students and gives us knowledge on what needs to improve on. "
"This was an excellent course with skills I can use immediately."
"Appreciate the time spent on documentation for reimbursement/Medicare."
"Thank you for answering multiple questions and being so available to provide feedback with hand positions."
"Both Part I and Part II were packed with information and hands-on education."
"Cathy is a fantastic instructor! I really appreciated how clear she presented the information, repeated important key points, and provided great feedback in lab practice."
"Great explanation, practical applications and hands-on experience. I appreciated the reminder of important principles and the help to put these into practice with intentionality."
"Exceed my expectations. I learned more in two days than 3 yrs of school related to treatment of this population."
"This course was highly recommended by the staff at my facility and did not disappoint."
"Through the years in rehab settings, the little I knew of NDT was the most successful method of treatment for neuro and also even for ortho is some cases. That is why I am actually taking the courses because they work!"
"I found the 'EVIDENCE' stories and illustrations were very helpful and the new research too."
"Great presentation of information!! This course will better me as a therapist. Thanks for sharing your knowledge with the world!!"
"I really value this information and look forward to continuing the remaining tiers and gaining increased knowledge to better facilitate results with patients in limited timeframes."
"Thank You. I do appreciate all the new knowledge. Worth coming and increasing knowledge in rehab with skilled intervention. The notes and sketches will be handy to learn from when prepping for treatment on patient."
"I had taken Part I and II almost four years ago but Cathy covered all of the materials and it felt like I took Part I and II very recently."
"Great course. I really enjoyed the repetition of key concepts to make sure they are understood to apply the NDT approach and clinical skill set."
"Thank you! This is the most useful CE course I've attended."
"I'm so excited to incorporate the techniques I learned with the patients I work with. I feel more confident with my approach, thanks to you!"
"Cathy was a great, engaging instructor. Enjoyed the use of her own case videos and stories throughout her career."
"I loved the visuals (with the videos), the personal stories and experiences and the labs for a hands-on experience. The NDT principles and the history of Berta Bobath was so interesting and helpful."
"I think Part V so far, is the Best! Had a lot more 'Ah-ha' moments putting parts I-IV together."
"I found understanding movement strategies/SRM's helpful to plan and come up with individualized goals. I had trouble seeing potential for small changes and setting goals other than writing functional activities according to FIM scores. It helped much to write better goals and plan treatment. "
"Part 4 built on Part 3 very well and answered a lot of questions I had after Part 3."
"It was helpful to see the case studies and being able to see the videos and the treatment that was provided."
"Cathy was an engaging, articulate presenter. I feel like this class increased my skill set, especially in manual cues, as a new practitioner!"
"The course exceeded my expectations. I am impressed how you incorporated all different learning styles into every presentation. I appreciate your enthusiasm, passion and exceptional ability to teach."
"You did an excellent job. Thank you for your hard work and dedication to OT/PT, clients and students. Thank you for making/establishing a safe learning environment"
"This class will change the way I transfer and handle patients - all patients with and without hemiplegia!"
"I'll incorporate this information when working on trunk control in sitting/standing with patients to perform functional activities."
"This information will help with all functional mobility and improve the safety and efficiency of how I work with my clients."
"Thanks for your captivating lectures and enthusiastic teaching style. It was very engaging and helpful for my learning."
"I found the 'Guidelines for use of manual cues', the videos to reinforce/demonstrate the therapist's handling techniques and movement analysis the most beneficial."
"I appreciated the in-depth NDT background overview and especially valued the lab portion of the course."
"The theory of NDT and principles utilized, the bio-mechanics/anatomy and how to apply this for outcomes was helpful."
"I'll be able to incorporate this information immediately in my neuro treatments! I now have better knowledge of the movement strategy vs. performance of an ADL only."
"Our facility treats many CVA patients from different backgrounds, ages, etc. I will be able to use more effective and safe mechanics with facilitation to achieve optimal outcomes."
"This information literally applies to all aspects of my job in rehab (ADL, Posture and functional transfers)"
"The topics I found most helpful were the sub-phases of sitting to standing - looking for immediate muscle activation, use of manual cues - always being mindful of which muscles I am facilitating and for what purpose, every STS is an opportunity for practice, awareness of my language to 3rd party readers for documentation ..."
"I frequently work with pts s/p craniotomy or s/p CVA and I will use these skills and facilitation techniques with bed mobility and transfer training for these populations."
"I found the evidence to support use/rationale of NDT the most beneficial"
"This course gave me more of the theory of NDT and some easy ways to apply it in my setting"
"The labs were very helpful. I liked how you demonstrated first and then went through it with us while we practiced. It gave us repetition for better learning"
"I will definitely start working on improving optimal sitting positions and postural control with my patients and use the sub-phases of sitting to standing as part of my treatment. I will also likely change the way I evaluate my pts with stroke."
"As an acute care therapist, I will be able to better mobilize and facilitate supine to sit, sit to supine, sit to stand, stand to sit in a more functional way. "
"I will definitely incorporate this information into my everyday practice."
"Looking for muscle activation before initiating stance, facilitation and inhibition of movements and the video of hand-on treatment session was the most helpful."
"I will incorporate dual track documentation with functional outcomes, effective movement strategies within functional activities along with manual cues into my work situation. There is always opportunity for function"
"The topics I found to be most beneficial were how to document and justify interventions, how to determine potential/prognosis, breaking down into the movement analysis, the 'Working systems List' and the manual cues."
"I will be able to utilize and begin to think in terms of the 'Working systems List', I will be able to adjust my documentation to incorporate manual cues and I am looking forward to turning the hospital beds into hi-lo mats!"
"Better understanding of the shoulder complex and the kinesiology of the shoulder complex very helpful! I feel more confident as the OT champion of the shoulder."
"I can't wait to use trunk facilitation to improve functional use of the arm."
"The course covered my questions regarding the technique of transfers, weight bearing, addressing subluxation and improving trunk control."
"I will use the manual cues and pay more attention to the client's whole body to obtain optimal alignment."
"I thoroughly enjoyed your course. I don't need to tell you that you've brought a great energy to all of us and you truly have a gift for instructing. Thank you for all of your knowledge and help."
"Watching videos of clients was very helpful. Movement analysis during gait - and learning why the client's knee hyper extended."
"I can use this info with any of the CVA patients I see on my caseload. I feel it was information that can be used daily in acute care. "
"I will hopefully be able to incorporate the stretches I learned right away. I will also begin to be more thorough with my gait analysis immediately."
"I will use the gait cues both with Neuro (CVA) clients in acute care and rehab and possibly even with ortho clients to un-weight a limb for ease with ambulation"
"I found the gait labs very helpful and the AFO portion was also very helpful. Everything you taught was so valuable."
"I feel like I have so much to bring back to our facility and clients! I learned so, so much!"
"I like the feedback, the information of the possible outcome, what may and may not work and helpful information on Orthoses to use. Everything is great!"